Community Safety Opinion Survey

Tell us what is important to you in our community safety survey.

Community Safety Opinion Survey

Community Safety Opinion Survey

 Published: 25-Nov-2019

Each year the Dartford and Gravesham Community Safety Partnership carry out an audit of recorded levels of crime and anti-social behaviour in our area. We pool together information from a very wide variety of partner agencies so that we can decide how best to target our resources and efforts to make the Borough an even safer place.

We also appreciate that recorded statistics don't always tell us everything we need to know. As local residents or people who work in Gravesham, you will have a clear idea and understanding of the community safety issues that people experience or that they feel are the key concerns in their neighbourhoods that need to be prioritised.

Your views and opinions are important as we will use what you tell us to help build our new three year Community Safety Strategy 2019-22.


 Last updated: 09-Apr-2021