Gravesham placed in tier 3 of COVID-19 restrictions

Gravesham placed in tier 3 of COVID-19 restrictions

 Published: 26-Nov-2020

I am sure you will by now be aware that as of Wednesday 2 December, Gravesham will be moving out of lockdown and into tier 3 of COVID restrictions along with the rest of Kent.

The move in to the Very High level of alert reflects the fact that the rate of infection in the Borough has continued to rise, despite the lockdown measures in place through November.

The following restrictions come into force from Wednesday.

  • No mixing of households indoors or most outdoor places, apart from within support bubbles. Maximum gatherings of six in some outdoor spaces (for example, parks and public gardens)
  • Everyone who can work from home should do so
  • Schools, colleges and universities open
  • Avoid travelling outside of Kent other than where necessary for work or education. Reduce your number of journeys where possible
  • Non-essential stores and personal care businesses such as hairdressers can open.
  • Gyms open, although group activities should not take place. Classes and organised adult sport can take place outdoors, but avoid higher-risk contact activity
  • Bars, pubs and restaurants remain closed apart from takeaway sales, drive-through or delivery
  • No overnight stays other than with your household or support bubble
  • Maximum of 30 mourners allowed at funerals, maximum of 15 at wakes
  • Maximum of 15 guests for weddings and civil partnerships. Wedding receptions not permitted.
  • Indoor entertainment venues closed
  • Places of worship can open, but interaction outside of household group or support bubble not allowed.

Gravesham Borough Council will continue to work with the Public Health authorities and other partners to slow the growth in infections and to ensure you, our residents and businesses, are playing your part and following the rules.

Since the start of the pandemic I have taken tremendous heart and pride from the way the Gravesham community has rallied around to support each other and to follow rules that run contrary to so much of our natural behaviour and adopt habits that six months or more ago felt so unnatural.

The vast majority of people have readily adapted to keeping their distance from others and avoiding physical contact; worn face coverings when out and about or on public transport; and have been working from home with all the challenges and frustrations that brings.

Everyone who has followed the new rules is playing their part in the battle to bring the virus under control.

Gravesham Borough Council will continue to work with the Public Health authorities and other partners to slow the growth in infections and to ensure you, our residents and businesses, are playing your part and following the rules.

Information provided by the Public Health authorities shows that outside of healthcare and education settings, the most common source of infections in our Borough in recent weeks has come from different households mixing indoors.

This was not allowed under lockdown and is not allowed under the new restrictions.

While there has been good news lately about the potential for new vaccines to help us get back to our old ways of living, until these are rolled out and widely available COVID-19 remains a very real and dangerous threat – a threat we must all take seriously.

We are all tired of and frustrated with the restrictions on our movement and ability to be with friends and loved ones, but those ignoring them are putting those they care about most at very real risk of contracting the potentially fatal virus. Is a day or evening spent mixing freely together really worth the risk?

As we come into the winter months our hospitals are becoming busier. We must protect the NHS locally from the additional pressures of increasing COVID admissions. This has certainly been a factor in the county as a whole entering tier 3.

Thankfully, at the moment Darent Valley hospital is not one of those suffering most pressure in the county, but if we are to keep it that way we must all act responsibly to bring the rate of infection back under control.

As we have done since the beginning of the pandemic in March, we will continue to deliver our front line services. Household waste and recycling collections will continue, we will carry on cleaning the streets, our parks and cemeteries will remain open, and we will provide support and care for the most vulnerable in our communities.

All relevant information about the restrictions and measures in place to help residents and businesses is published in the COVID advice section of our website,

Updates will also be shared via our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin social media pages and through media releases to the local press.

Working together as #OneCommunity once again, by us all thinking of others and obeying the rules, we will come through these difficult times and bring the infection rate down.

The Government will be reviewing the figures for each area every 14 days. That gives the prospect of being able to move down a tier and enjoy greater freedoms if our infection rate is falling.

The chances of that increase the more of us take these regulations seriously and follow them accordingly.

I will, of course, write again should our local alert level be reduced.

Please, stay safe.

Cllr John Burden


Gravesham Borough Council

 Last updated: 27-Nov-2020