Group solar PV purchase scheme for Gravesham residents

Group solar PV purchase scheme for Gravesham residents

Group solar PV purchase scheme for Gravesham residents

 Published: 01-Sep-2020

Local residents can join together in an energy saving scheme and help Gravesham Borough Council meet its target of achieving carbon neutral status by 2030.

Solar Together is an opportunity for Gravesham residents to group together and invest in high quality solar PV systems for their homes more cheaply than if they were buying alone.

Originally launched earlier this year, the scheme is reopening having been suspended due to the COVID19 pandemic.

Cllr John Burden, Leader of Gravesham Borough Council, said: “As a council we are committed to doing our bit to help tackle the climate change crisis the world is facing.

“Working together with local people we can drive the necessary change we want to see in the world by taking matters into our own hands and helping each other when and where we can.

“We are also seeing the start of what is often referred to as the smart era: the smart grid, the smart home, the installation of smart meters, and so on. This trend joins the need for demand and generation of electricity on a local scale.

“By investing in a solar PV system, you will be an early adopter. Your own solar ‘power plant’ will serve you for more than 20 years.

“That’s why we have joined Solar Together, because buying as a group helps you get a better, more affordable deal than buying as an individual.”

The process starts with interested residents registering to be part of the scheme before a reverse auction involving potential pre-vetted suppliers takes place in October.

The winning bid, which will go through a validation process, will be the most cost-effective one for registered residents who will receive personal recommendations for their installation from the appropriate winning supplier before they decide whether to accept the offer.

Support via a helpline and email address is available to all registered residents throughout the process.

Cllr Burden added: “This is a unique opportunity for local residents to join together to reduce their own individual carbon footprints.

“Our progress towards becoming a carbon neutral Borough depends on everyone making a contribution. I would encourage any of our residents interested in cutting their energy bills and contributing to tackling climate change to register.”

For more information and to register, visit

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