London Resort application submitted to Government

London Resort application submitted to Government

London Resort application submitted to Government

 Published: 04-Jan-2021

The London Resort has submitted its application to Government. Comprising over 25,000 pages of reports, assessments and analysis, the Development Consent Order (DCO) details how this largely brownfield former industrial site on the Swanscombe peninsula would be transformed into one of the most exciting destinations in the world.

Projected to be one of the largest, single site employers in the UK, the London Resort is expected to make a significant contribution to the UK economy.

Commenting on the submission, Cllr John Burden, Leader of Gravesham Borough Council, said: “London Resort would be a major infrastructure development which would have a significant impact on the economy of Gravesham and north west Kent.

“After seven years in the planning and some uncertainty at times, it is exciting that we have reached this stage. If London Resort goes ahead it will have a positive impact on the local economy, not least the fact that it will create many thousands of jobs during both the construction and operational phases.

“We want to see details of how local people will be prioritised for these jobs, which would span the full range from cleaning and maintenance staff, through IT, to management roles and many others.

“At a time when unemployment is growing at a worrying rate in the Borough, particularly among our young people, it is an exciting and welcome prospect that if the development is approved, these jobs will be coming on stream in just a few years.

“There will also be knock-on benefits for the surrounding area in terms of increased visitor numbers to our borough and footfall in Gravesend town centre.

“Of course, there are areas of concern, not least around the environmental impact of the development, additional traffic on the local road network and the impact of construction works which the applicants need to show are being addressed.

“Having said that, we have been greatly encouraged by London Resort‘s willingness to work with us. They understand the key concerns that we and our communities have raised and have endeavoured to come up with acceptable solutions, which we expect to see reflected in the DCO.

“As such, we will be examining the DCO thoroughly and carefully drafting our response to the Planning Inspectorate with the long term interests of our residents and businesses in mind at all times.“

London Resort Chief Executive PY Gerbeau said: “I arrived at this project eighteen months ago and it has been non-stop ever since. We have revived, reviewed, and reprogrammed the entire venture. This will be so much more than just a theme park.”

The application confirms the intent to develop two theme park gates, a waterpark, conference and convention centre and e-Sports facility. Over 3,500 hotel rooms will be created and two ferry terminals – one each side of the River Thames – will be built, along with back-of-house facilities, a visitor centre and a new road from the A2. Crucially, the vast majority of the materials required to construct the Resort will be delivered by river.

Mr Gerbeau continued: “We have built excellent relationships with many stakeholders and are working closely with the elected local Council leaders.This has been an incredibly challenging journey and we look forward to working with the UK Government over the coming months.

The Government, through its Planning Inspectorate agency, has a period of 28 days in which they write to the local authorities and, together, assess ‘adequacy’ on the consultation and carry out an evaluation of the application before they accept or reject the submission.

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