Meet our latest weapons in the fight against grime

Meet our latest weapons in the fight against grime

 Published: 22-Jul-2020

We have introduced new deep cleaning equipment to tackle dirt and grime on our local streets.

As part of our ongoing investment in street cleansing operations, the Maxvac Gladiator and Scarab M25H road sweeper have come into service this week.

The Maxvac Gladiator is designed for the removal of chewing gum from pavements. The action and formula used also remove ingrained grime and pollution, helping restore pavements and public spaces to their original levels of colour and cleanliness.

The Scarab road sweeper is designed to operate on town centre and suburban streets. Although a small vehicle in bulk, it has the cleaning power of a full-size sweeper.

This significant investment in new equipment is in addition to the recruitment of additional staff to our street cleansing team and highlights our commitment to keeping the streets of the Borough clean.

Look out for them out and about in the coming weeks and months – and please help us keep the Borough clean by not dropping chewing gum on pavements and by using the litter bins provided or taking your rubbish home with you.

 Last updated: 03-Nov-2020