Now you can recycle on the go with new bins

Now you can recycle on the go with new bins

Now you can recycle on the go with new bins

 Published: 09-Mar-2021

We are extending our recycling on the go scheme after a successful trial in St Andrew’s Gardens in Gravesend last year.

The expansion will see the introduction of combined general rubbish and recycling bins to the Riverside Leisure Area and Woodlands Park, together with the introduction of new large capacity bins at both sites and also at Camer Park.

New standard litter bins are also being introduced in those areas, as well as at Valley Drive and Perry Street shopping areas.

Cllr Lee Croxton, Cabinet Member for Operational Services, said: “When we consulted our residents on what should be among the priorities in our Corporate Plan, litter was high on the agenda.

“We were asked to invest in more litter bins and to tackle litter in our parks and open spaces. That is exactly what we are doing, while at the same time making great strides in increasing our recycling rates. This, in turn, will play a small but significant part in helping us meet our target of making our Borough carbon neutral by 2030.”

The six week trial of the recycling on the go bins in St Andrew’s Gardens showed that people were keen to separate out their recyclable and non-recyclable rubbish and put the correct items in the correct compartments – with just 12% of the contents found in the recycling sections being non-recyclable waste.

The new bins are covered, reducing the risk of litter being blown out and around the nearby area and will be installed over the next few months.

“We have made tackling litter one of our top priorities,” said Cllr Croxton. “In the last year we have recruited extra staff to our street cleansing teams, meaning they are now out and about seven days a week and for longer hours.

“We have bought new street cleaning machinery and now we are investing in new bins for areas of the Borough that see the most visitors.

“But we need residents and visitors to play their part too.

“There is no excuse for leaving your rubbish behind. All of our bins are checked and emptied regularly to make sure they are not full or overflowing. But in the unlikely event the nearest bin is full, take your rubbish to the next one, or take it home and put it in your bin there.

“By working together, we can beat the scourge of litter on our streets.”

 Last updated: 09-Apr-2021

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