So why are you littering where we live?

So why are you littering where we live?

So why are you littering where we live?

 Published: 13-Jul-2020

A new poster and social media campaign encouraging people to take responsibility for keeping litter under control has been launched by Gravesham Borough Council.

Challenging those who drop litter and asking them why they do it, posters going up around the Borough give them three possible reasons for their behaviour: that they are lazy and selfish; they don’t care about their community; or they think other people should be paid to clean up after them.

With the council having recruited additional street cleansing staff and invested in new street cleaning equipment, Leader of the Council Cllr John Burden said it now needs the public to step up and take responsibility for their own actions.

“In our budget announcement in February we committed to stepping up our efforts to tackle litter,” said Cllr Burden.

“Despite the financial challenges we face as a result of the Coronavirus lockdown and our response to that, we have stood by that commitment and made a six figure investment to bolster our cleansing teams and give them specialist equipment to support them in their work.

“But they cannot be everywhere all of the time. People must take responsibility for their own environment, use the bins provided, and if we haven’t had a chance to empty those bins, take their litter home with them.”

Cllr Burden added he recognised the majority of local residents take pride in where they live, with many picking litter they find locally and volunteering for organised litter picks, for which he thanked them.

“In an ideal world, everyone would behave in the way most of our residents do, but there are too many lazy and selfish individuals who don’t,” he said.

“Dropping litter should be as socially unacceptable as drink driving, and I make no apology for attempting to shame and embarrass the anti-social minority through this latest campaign.”

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