Supporting our community during the Coronavirus pandemic

Supporting our community during the Coronavirus pandemic

 Published: 24-Apr-2020

Along with local authorities around the country, we here at Gravesham have been working hard to support all sections of our community during the Coronavirus lockdown.

Working with partners in the north west Kent voluntary sector, we are supporting some of the most vulnerable and at risk members of our society.

Over the past month we have had 2,600 individuals in need of support referred to us by the NHS. These are people who for medical reasons have been told to stay at home for 12 weeks, regardless of when the Government restrictions on movement are lifted.

Add to that another 1,788 who have either contacted us directly or been referred by family, friends or neighbours, and there are 4,388 members of our community who either do, or may at some time in the future, need our support.

Of those, we have already supported more than 1,100, whether that be by providing them with essential supplies or medication, making welfare visits, or arranging for befriending calls to be made on a regular basis.

If you need our help, visit

Our housing team has found safe temporary accommodation for around 40 people, including rough sleepers, and total approaches for help peaked at 55 a week in early April. That figure has now dropped considerably, indicating that all those needing our help are receiving it.

We are helping local businesses too by distributing Government support grants. So far almost 800 businesses have received more than £8.75 million in total.

We are working hard to contact others who we believe qualify for grants but who have yet to confirm their details with us.

We will continue to provide support for those who most need it for as long as it is required, with many of our staff volunteering to work extra hours to make sure it reaches the people who need it most, when they need it.

Together, acting as one community, we will come through this.

 Last updated: 03-Nov-2020