Youth Climate Change Conference 2021

Gravesham Youth Climate Change Conference calls for more ambition on net zero from Government.

Youth Climate Change Conference 2021

Youth Climate Change Conference 2021

 Published: 11-Nov-2021

Gravesham Youth Climate Change Conference calls for more ambition on net zero from Government

Young people from across Gravesham have called on Government to give climate change the same priority and attention as the coronavirus pandemic following a Youth Climate Change Conference held at The Woodville on Wednesday (10 November).

Organised by Gravesham Youth Council, The Gr@nd and Gravesham Borough Council to coincide with COP26 in Glasgow, the conference was attended by around 25 young people from local schools including St Botolph’s, St George’s, Mayfield Grammar, Thamesview , Gravesend Grammar, and Northfleet School for Girls.

Delegates discussed the issues around climate change both globally and locally, including reviewing Gravesham Borough Council’s net zero policy, before compiling a communique to Government.

In it, they say: “We want Gravesham, the UK and the world to be a better place for us to live and actions to be taken now.

“We ask that the Government be far more ambitious in the steps it is taking towards the achievement of carbon net zero, exceeding those targets; reducing our dependence on fossil fuels and rapidly expanding the use of renewables.

“We believe that the voices of young people should be heard in influencing the changes needed and that resources are dedicated to the development of cross curriculum teaching on climate change in our schools.

“We ask that actions are taken to fix the climate change injustices across the world, making reparation with countries in greater danger.

“We want better integrated transport systems that benefit young people in their choice of transport which is far cheaper, more efficient and environmentally cleaner.

“Give the climate change crises the priority and attention that has been given to responding to the coronavirus pandemic.”

Opening the event, Cllr Shane Mochrie-Cox, Gravesham Borough Council’s Cabinet Member for Community and Leisure, said: “It is often said children and young people are our future. That’s rubbish. Children and young people are here today and are part of our community now.

“We decision makers are guardians only, trustees if you will, and we do our best to make sure we do what we can to hand over a Borough and a country to the next generation that is better, using the limited budget and powers available to us

“But we cannot do that alone and we need you.

“We have a world to save and not much time left in which to do it and will require countries to work together and everyone to play our part and to pay for it by changing our behaviours and, in places, some of our cultures.

“There is one climate and one world and although we here today cannot change everything we can play our part.”

He explained that in 2019 the council had declared a climate emergency, since when a cross party working group had met regularly to bring together politicians and officers to solve some of the Borough’s climate problems.

He added: “The commitment I have is that we are happy to work with you, and the Leader of the Council has invited representatives from this Gravesham Youth Climate Change Conference to attend the next meeting of our climate change cabinet advisory group to present your findings and ideas.”

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